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CIL Fellowships in Digital Pedagogy and Research

The Center for Innovation and Learning is thrilled to announce our Digital Pedagogy and Research Fellows for the 2015-2016 school year. The fellowships are intended to encourage and support faculty across the disciplines to develop digital projects with students, and we've got some great projects to look forward to:

Dr. M. Begona Caballero-Garcia—Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

  • Dr. Caballero-Garcia will be extending her telecollaboration project between students in her SP 418 “Spanish and Spanish American Theater” and international students in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Spain. Wofford students in the course will create materials in Spanish to be shared with their international partners.

Dr. Matt Cathey—Math

  • Dr. Cathey plans to continue his work with the Educreations iOS app (a tool for recording voice and video on the iPad), generating a library of screencasts for use in his (and his department’s) classes. He plans to use student licenses for the app to have students generate tutorials for their classmates.

Dr. Natalie Grinnell—English

  • Dr. Ginnell will begin a project to produce digital translations of medieval texts, modeled after the Digital Beowulf project supervised by Tim Arner at Grinnell College. Students will begin with a Middle English poem and produce a line-by-line hypertext translation, annotated with etymological research as well as contextual commentary and links to relevant research materials.

Dr. Dan Mathewson—Religion

  • Dr. Mathewson plans to incorporate digital storytelling assignments into his courses, cultivating multi-layered critical and creative thinking through the medium/projects. He also plans to incorporate Pathbrite (Wofford’s ePortfolio platform) into all his classes, encouraging an approach to learning that reflects on experiences that span multiple courses and semesters.

Dr. Geoffrey C. Mitchell—Biology

  • Dr. Mitchell is working with undergraduate students to develop software that will remove technical obstacles from modeling intracellular signaling networks and allow students to focus on learning the biology. He will use the spring semester to gather data about student learning without the software and conduct a comparative study once the software is available in the fall. 

Dr. Patrick Whitfill—English

  • Dr. Whitfill will use the Pathbrite ePortfolio platform to have students compile a collection of aesthetic preferences consisting of videos, songs, websites, e-books, etc. which they will post and caption to explain how their sense of beauty and identity relates to American identity (the topic of exploration in the course). The project will yield an on-going anthology of students’ aesthetic preferences that they can take beyond the spring semester, allowing them to trace how the person that they become over their career at Wofford has been influenced by the texts that they view, read and hear.