Students studying outside the library

Faculty Funding Opportunities

The CIL offers a variety of opportunities for support of innovations in classroom practices. 

Faculty Learning Communities

  • Each year, the Center for Innovation and Learning will sponsor 1-2 Faculty Learning Communities. These communities of pedagogical inquiry are faculty lead and explore a topic central to the practice of teaching and student learning - either in terms of classroom-based or curriculum-based practices. If you are interested in proposing a FLC, see the Request for Proposals.


Course (Re)Design Fellows

  • Each semester, the CIL sponsors a fellowship program to offer support in designing new courses or re-imagining courses previously taught. This small cohort of fellows will meet periodically over the two-semesters to work through L. Dee Fink’s Creating Significant Learning Experiences and follow-up throughout the implementation process. The CIL will provide books, food, guidance, and (modest amounts of) funds for the purchase of tools or supplies.  


Digital Pedagogy Fellows 2015-2016

Faculty Fellows 2014-2015