Dr. Hill and students

ePortfolios at Wofford


What is an ePortfolio? 

An ePortfolio, or electronic portfolio, is a place for you to store and showcase the work you complete during your time at Wofford. You will begin using ePortfolios in your First Year Interactive Seminar (FYI) and in some of your other first-year classes, and will continue to add to it as you progress in your studies. 

Importantly, this ePortfolio is yours – it travels with you beyond individual classes and represents your development as a student. We will encourage you think about the ways you can use it to capture your best work throughout your four years here. You can see some sample ePortfolios at: https://pathbrite.com/#maker


How do you get your ePortfolio? 

You can go to Pathbrite.com and sign up for a free account as soon as you have your Wofford email address. Signing up early will allow you the opportunity to become familiar with the platform before you are asked to use it in a course. 

While the account itself is free, using Pathbrite to submit assignments for a course requires the purchase of a license. Once you enter your FYI course, you will be prompted to purchase a license. This is a one-time purchase that will allow you to enter any course at Wofford that uses ePortfolios.  


Beginning your first portfolio 

Once you sign up for your free account and log in, then you can make your first portfolio.  

You may also have the option to join a program portfolio (a blue icon). This is the option you will use in your FYI course.

When creating your portfolios, you can upload almost every file type imaginable: documents, images, videos, links. The only file type not currently supported by Pathbrite is Pages. 


Who can help if you have trouble with your ePortfolio? 

You will have support from a variety of areas for your ePortfolios. Your FYI instructor, technology peer tutors, and Writing Center tutors will be trained to help you with your work. If you have a concern or problem that they cannot fix, then there are a variety of resources available on Pathbrite’s main page and the “Pathbrite Support” pop-up window at the bottom of your screen.