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Experiences with Faculty

What does NSSE have to say about Experiences with Faculty? 

"Students learn firsthand how experts think about and solve problems by interacting with faculty members inside and outside of instructional settings. As a result, faculty become role models, mentors, and guides for lifelong learning. In addition, effective teaching requires that faculty deliver course material and provide feedback in student-centered ways. Two Engagement Indicators investigate this theme: Student-Faculty Interaction and Effective Teaching Practices."


First-Year Students





What types of questions determine Experiences with Faculty?

Experiences with Faculty is expressed on a 60-point scale (e.g., Very often=60, Often=40, Sometimes=20, and Never=0) using the following questions:

Student-Faculty Interaction
Percentage of students who responded that they "Very often" or "Often"…
3a. Talked about career plans with a faculty member
3b. Worked w/faculty on activities other than coursework (committees, student groups, etc.)
3c. Discussed course topics, ideas, or concepts with a faculty member outside of class
3d. Discussed your academic performance with a faculty member
Effective Teaching Practices 
Percentage responding "Very much" or "Quite a bit" about how much instructors have…
5a. Clearly explained course goals and requirements
5b. Taught course sessions in an organized way
5c. Used examples or illustrations to explain difficult points
5d. Provided feedback on a draft or work in progress
5e. Provided prompt and detailed feedback on tests or completed assignments
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