Dr. Hill and students

Learning with Peers

What does NSSE have to say about Learning with Peers? 

 "Collaborating with others in mastering difficult material and developing interpersonal and social competence prepare students to deal with complex, unscripted problems they will encounter during and after college. Two Engagement Indicators make up this theme: Collaborative Learning and Discussions with Diverse Others. "


First-Year Students





What types of questions determine the Learning with Peers theme?

 Learning with Peers is expressed on a 60-point scale (e.g., Very often=60, Often=40, Sometimes=20, and Never=0) using the following questions:

Collaborative Learning 
Percentage of students who responded that they "Very often" or "Often"…
1e. Asked another student to help you understand course material
1f. Explained course material to one or more students
1g. Prepared for exams by discussing or working through course material with other students
1h. Worked with other students on course projects or assignments
Discussions with Diverse Others 
Percentage of students who responded that they "Very often" or "Often" had discussions with…
8a. People from a race or ethnicity other than your own
8b. People from an economic background other than your own
8c. People with religious beliefs other than your own
8d. People with political views other than your own

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