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Richardson Family Art Museum

In the Service of Teaching and Learning: An Inaugural Exhibition of the Wofford Fine Arts Collection

Selected works from the collection span the bronze age in the ancient Near East to late twentieth century America and comprise a vital educational resource that strengthens, supports, and contributes to academic research on campus.  By showcasing various cultural and historical objects, this exhibition presents a unique opportunity for cross-disciplinary teaching and learning that contributes to the superior liberal arts education at Wofford College.  This exhibit runs through Thursday, Dec. 21st.   


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Richardson Family Art Gallery


Dying on the Vine: 2017 Whetsell Exhibition by Sheridan Kate Murray

Richardson Family Art Gallery exhibits drawing by Sheridan Kate Murray, a recipient of 2017 Whetsell Memorial Fellowship. The organic, nonrepresentational forms that are prevalent within my drawings come from an abstract, blurry picture in my mind’s eye of muscadine grapes spotted one day during my freshman year environmental studies lab. I remember being captivated by the grapes and their perfectly imperfect circular forms, appreciating the way they cascaded over each other with a lack of control that has never been prevalent in my own life. This image, always present in the back of my mind, is one that I often find myself rendering in sketches or doodles as a method of relaxation and comfort. Depicted with varying levels of control and tightness, the constancy of the organic muscadine-like forms found in these pieces represents the consistent force of natural inspiration in my life, as well as my continuous journey to coax myself into letting go and embracing chaos. 

As seen in both the large-scale drawings and smaller works, I have attempted to explore the same subject matter in as many different unique and unusual ways as possible. The repetition of similar forms evokes a sense of harmony within the works as a whole, while the inclusion of graphite pencil calls to mind the doodling process utilized by many as a method of escapism. Though all branching off from the same initial design, each work explores different facets of nonrepresentational organic shapes in a manner that mirrors my own self-exploration and introspective journey. The repetitive shapes utilized make each work feel cohesive, while the abstraction allows for the viewer to apply their own thoughts and feelings to the work."

Designed to support and promote the visual arts at Wofford, the Whetsell Fellowship is a summer fellowship established in 2006 by Dr. William O. Whetsell in memory of his brother, Dan Whetsell. 


Sandor Teszler Library Gallery 

WWI at Home and Abroad

This exhibition, marking the centennial of America’s entry into the Great War, features unique items from Wofford College’s Archives and Special Collections that illustrate the global and local impact of the “War to End All Wars.”  These items are coupled with a traveling exhibition that illuminates the political, social, and cultural climate during this time period. The traveling exhibition was produced by the library at Sewanee: The University of the South and funded by the Associated Colleges of the South.  This exhibit runs through Dec. 18th.


Martha Cloud Chapman Gallery 

Buddhism in Sites and Images 

The Martha Cloud Chapman Gallery presents Buddhism in Sites and Images.   Originating in India, Buddhism and Buddhist artistic traditions were transmitted to Southeast and East Asia, and eventually throughout the world.  Selected works in this exhibition include photographs taken by Wofford professor David Efurd at ancient Buddhist sites in India, ink rubbings depicting Buddhist deities from stone reliefs carved during the Tang Dynasty in China, and current sculptures reflecting ancient practices of image-making.  The exhibited works provide insight into understanding Buddhist art, rituals, practices, and religious life.  This exhibit runs through Nov. 16th.