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Whetsell Fellowship


The Whetsell Fellowship, established in 2006 by Dr. William O. Whetsell in memory of his brother, Dan Whetsell, is designed to support and promote the visual arts at Wofford College.  It is a summer fellowship that allows a Wofford student the opportunity to pursue study in some aspect of the visual arts under the guidance of a mentor to be selected by the college.  The fellowship will cover the cost of art supplies and instruction, and culminates with an exhibition at the new gallery of Rosalind Sallenger Richardson Center for the Arts in the Fall of 2018.    

Eligibility & Requirements: 

Any Wofford student is eligible to apply for the fellowship.  Applicants should determine their choice of medium for the project, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, photography, or mixed media.
Students interested in applying for the fellowship should fill out the form in the link below (Apply for the 2018 Whetsell Fellowship by March 29th).  

Selection Criteria: 

The recipient will be selected by the Whetsell committee.  The strength of both the proposed project and portfolio will be considering factors to select an awardee.  He or she will receive notification, and the recipient will also be announced on April 16th in the Daily Announcements. 

Apply for the 2018 Whetsell Fellowship by March 29th.  
Amy Powers


Past Fellows: 

2017 Sheridan Kate Murray 

2016 Meagan Burns

2015 Margherita Cole
2014 Sarah Baldwin
2013 Josh Holt
2012 Trey Parker
2011 Amy Horton
2010 Akilah Bostic
2009 Amy Powers
2008 Amy Chalmers
2007 Callum Easter
2006 Leland Wood

Past Whetsell Fellows Artwork 

For further information, please email Professor Michael Webster,

Students are encouraged, but not required, to contact the curator previous to the submission of materials.