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The Business Office has placed several forms online for your convenience. These forms are described below. Should you have additional questions or problems accessing these forms, please contact the individual listed on the form for assistance.

Accounts Payable Forms

Expense Reimbursement 
The Expense Reimbursement Form is to be used to request reimbursement for expenses incurred by an employee or student of the College. The form is also used to substantiate expenses associated with a previous cash advance, when turning in receipts. The form should be completed and signed by the individual requesting reimbursement and signed by the requestor's supervisor or other appropriate reviewer (see Expense Policy).  
Please complete the expense reimbursement form electronically. The form is designed to automatically total and subtotal where appropriate, and completion electronically is necessary to ensure that the form works as intended. If you should have any problems opening or completing the form online, please contact Accounts Payable at extension 4222 or 4225. 
All highlighted cells on the form are data-enterable by the user and may be completed. All cells that are not highlighted contain formulas that will automatically populate, once you begin entering your data. These cells should not be used for data entry.  You will notice that the totals will populate, as you enter the dollar amounts of your expenditures. Additional guidance that may be helpful will appear as you hover over headers and other cells in the report.
For an example of a completed form, please see the Expense Reimbursement Form Example


Completed forms should be forwarded to Accounts Payable in the Business Office. Processed reimbursements are available each Wednesday and Friday (Requests must be submitted by the preceding Friday and Tuesday, respectively). 
Your form cannot be processed unless all original receipts are attached. Neither credit card statements nor credit card receipts without itemized details are acceptable. Please include any information with respect to personnel in attendance for meals, nature of event, etc. on the receipt that was not included in the expense reimbursement form. Receipts should be attached to an 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper and stapled to the expense reimbursement form in the order in which they appear on the form. 
If you have lost or otherwise not received an original receipt, you must complete a Missing Receipt Form , located on the Wofford website. 
If you have any questions with respect to receipts, the nature of your expenditure and whether it is reimbursable, or the form itself, please contact Accounts Payable
Note: You cannot submit an Expense Reimbursement Request for payment made to an individual or sole proprietorship. Wofford College must issue checks directly to individuals and sole proprietors. 
Missing Receipt 
The Missing Receipt form is to be used only when an invoice, receipt, or other supporting documentation is unavailable. Standard procedure is to submit the original receipt of invoice as backup for purchases. The purchaser should make every effort to get a receipt or other 
documentation to support the expense. If the missing receipt is for travel or entertainment purposes, please include all IRS required information (who, what, when, where, why).
This entire form must be completed when the originals are not available. Please be aware that sales or use tax may be charged on each transaction where the original receipt is not available to prove that the tax has been paid if deemed appropriate. 
Check Request
The Check Request form is used for honorariums or prepayment to vendors for which a invoice or receipt will be provided.(e.g., Postmaster, Deposits for Entertainment, etc.) Attach any documentary support that you may have for this expenditure. Do not use this form for employee compensation, advances, or reimbursement requests, or conference or membership registrations where the vendor has provided a form. 
Cash Advance Request 
The Cash Advance Request Form is used to request cash for group and team travel, recruiting advances, athletic group meals, fund raising or other organized events where petty cash is needed and in other situations where only cash is accepted. 
Cash Advances may only be given to authorized/permanent Wofford employees. The cash advances are issued for a specific purpose and may not be used for any other purpose than expressed on the Cash Advance Request Form. All advances must be properly accounted for the use of the funds within 30 days of the end of the advance period.  No individual may have more than one outstanding cash advance at a time.
Form W-9 
Form W-9 must be completed by ALL new vendors in order to receive payment for services. 
Cash Receipt Transmittal 
The Cash Receipt Transmittal Form is used when submitting coins, currency, checks, and/or money orders for deposit. Complete all sections of the form. Please be sure to record the Index and account the funds are to be credited to along with a brief description of the deposit. A receipt will be issued by the Business Office for you to compare to your records.  

Foreign National Information and Forms  

Long Distance Telephone

All students electing to participate in the College’s long distance service plan must complete the long distance form electronically. 

Payroll Forms

Direct Deposit Application 
The Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization form should be completed by employees who wish to have their paychecks directly deposited to their bank account.
Form W-4 
Form W-4 must be completed by ALL new employees of the College or by those wishing to update or change their withholding or dependent amounts. The completed form should be returned to Kim Moore in the Business Office. 

Other Forms

Application for [W] Identification Number 
The Person Data form should be completed in order to establish a W# in Banner. A W# is needed for all NEW employees, vendors, students, etc… 
Establish New Fund 
Certain information is required before establishing a new account/fund. The New Fund Form must be completed before any fund can be established. Neither pledges nor gifts can be processed until the information is provided.