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Campus Union Petition for Election

The 2018-2019 Campus Union Assembly Sophomore Special Delegate and Senior Special Election will begin at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 30, and will end at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2018. The deadline to submit a petition is 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 26.

Name (as it will appear on the ballot) 
Contact Phone Number

Elections will be held on the above date via online election. With this petition it is strongly recommended that you submit a small picture in .jpg format to accompany your name on the electronic ballot. Please see the election rules below. Failure to comply with the rules will compromise your ability to run and/or be elected. The Elections and Nominations Committee will be in charge the election and enforcing its regulations. All petition material (including your photo) must be e-mailed to CampusUnion@wofford.edu no later than the above date by 5:00PM. If you have any questions, you may contact the Elections and Nominations Committee at CampusUnion@wofford.edu.

Campus Union Election Regulations

Places on campus where campaign materials may be placed:  

  1. Exterior doors and stairwell doors of the following residence halls: Dupré, Greene, Marsh, Shipp, Carlisle, Wightman and Lesesne. Flyers may not be placed on students' room doors without their permission.
  2. Walls in the campus post office.
  3. Bulletin boards near entrances to the Campus Life Building.
  4. Flyers may be placed on the doors and interior of the Village laundry facility.

All areas on campus not specifically mentioned above are prohibited as areas where campaign literature may NOT be placed.

Other Campaign Regulations:

  1. Campaigns may begin whenever the undersigned candidate may see fit as long as these regulations are followed.
  2. Write-in campaigns are allowed as long as they are run in compliance with all election regulations.
  3. Each candidate is allowed to use 5 large posters and 25 flyers. At-large candidates and cabinet position candidates may use 10 large posters and 50 flyers.
  4. Campaign literature may NOT be placed under any residence hall room doors, unless the candidate is involved in a run-off.
  5. Campaign literature may NOT be placed in campus post office boxes, unless it is a personalized letter addressed with the name and box number of the student.  
  6. Campaign literature may NOT be emailed unless it is personalized and individually sent.
  7. Facebook and other online groups are allowed provided that e-mails are not sent to the entire group in a mass mailing format.
  8. E-mails may be sent to student organization leaders asking for the opportunity to meet with the organization or asking for an endorsement provided that the e-mail is personalized and individually sent.
  9. Students violating any of these regulations shall be declared ineligible to run for or hold any Campus Union or Judicial Commission Office until the next election.
  10.  The Election and Nominations Committee of Campus Union will determine all violations. A hearing may be held at the discretion of the E&N Committee concerning any violations. 

Electronic Signature:

I have read and understand this petition. 

By clicking this box and signing my name I certify that:

(1) I have not been previously been impeached, recalled, or asked to resign from the Campus Union Assembly, or an office thereof, and am in good standing with Wofford College.
(2) All other information contained in this petition is accurate and truthful. Note: Intentionally or unintentionally misrepresenting information on this petition is reason to be charged with perjury before the Judicial Commission.
(3) I will comply with the election regulations above.
(4) If any of this information changes I will notify the Elections and Nominations Committee immediately.

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