3 female students in Burwell

Fredy O. Madrid. M. Jr.
Student Body President

Zainab Bhagat
Student Body Vice President

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Jurnee Jones-Holcombe
Student Body Secretary

Trey Williams
Student Body Treasurer

Complete this application and submit by 5:00 pm, Thursday, March 22, 2018. Please email CampusUnion@wofford.edu with questions or concerns.

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Campus PO Box: 
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*The Faculty committees are standing committees of the College and are not part of Campus Union.  The Faculty committees meet several times a semester and are very important committees appointed by the Campus Union President.

Which Faculty Committee are you applying for?

Career Services: Two upper-class students who will contribute worthwhile feedback to the faculty and staff on this committee.

Cultural Affairs: Two students who will work with the faculty to consider proposals and allocate funding.

Library: Two students who will work with and advise the Dean of the Library and the faculty.

Interim: Three students who enjoy reading a lot of material and will thoughtfully consider independent proposals.

Publications Committee: Three students interested in working to improve the college publications.

Student Life: Four students who will work with the faculty to recommend to the Board policy statements on student activities including religious programs, recreation, entertainment, student government, residence life and Campus Safety. The committee shall monitor and ensure support activities of these programs.

Why do you want to serve on this (these) committee(s)?

What strengths would you bring to the committee that another student may not possess?

Please list other organizations you are a member of for the upcoming year, specific responsibilities,(i.e., president, committee chair, etc.) and time commitment involved. Or you may attach your resume.

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