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Charter Application

The duties of the Student Affairs Committee of the College, as stated in the faculty by-laws, include the power and responsibility "to grant and/or withdraw charters to all student organizations with due regard to their contribution to campus life, student development, and acceptable standards of conduct, or impose restrictions when organizations fail to serve useful functions or maintain acceptable standards." If an organization cannot specify how it will further the goals of the College, the Student Affairs Committee and the College reserves the right not to grant an organization a charter.

Other reasons for not granting a charter include violations of the student code of rights and responsibilities, and the failure to submit an annual report at the end of the academic year. A charter may be denied if any information on the application for charter has been falsified or withheld.

At the end of the academic year, you will be asked to submit an annual report. Direct questions to Natalee Oldham, Director of Student Activities, at

Please fill out completely and submit to the Student Affairs Office.


Name of Organization:
Name of the full-time Wofford faculty or staff advisor: (A copy of this form will be forwarded to the advisor)
Will any individual(s) advise the organization who does not attend or work for Wofford College? If so, please list their names and contact information.
Purpose of Organization:

What distinguishes your organization from those currently on campus? If a similar organization exists, why does that current organization fail to fulfill your goals?

How does the organization support the mission statement of the college and/or contribute to the goals of the college? Please write your organization's mission statement and goals.
List the name and title of the organization's officers. The individuals who are listed will be held accountable to the college for activities of the organization.

List all on-campus members and explain how members are chosen.

Do national or local regulations exist that exclude any person for ethnic, sexual, racial, or religious reasons? If so, please state.
Provide a tentative list of activities of the organization for the coming year. Include the number of meetings anticipated and any projects planned.

List and describe any external organizational (or individual) influence that will affect this organization's activities and membership recruitment.

If this organization has an affiliation to a state, regional or national organization, list the bylaws of that organization.
Please list the organization's budget.
Please list any individuals or entities to whom the organization owes money.
Does your organization receive financial or other support from non-Wofford organizations? If so, please list the name, address and nature of this support.
Name of Person Completing form:
Campus Address:
Campus Phone:
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