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Campus Relations Committee
The purpose of this committee is to bring the students, faculty and staff of Wofford College, as well as the Spartanburg community, together.  This committee shall do so by putting on events such as the Faculty/Student Football Game and Winter Lighting, thereby promoting good communication among the aforementioned groups.  The Campus Relations Committee plays a primary role in advertising for Campus Union; it is the Campus Union’s way of staying in touch with the campus.

Description of the Campus Relations Committee In the By-Laws of the Campus Union, the Campus Relations Committee is described in the following way:

  • This committee shall work through all available media and a person designated by the director of communications of the college in order to insure that proper news coverage be given to both organizational and individual activities. This committee shall maintain good public relations between the college community and the local community.

  • This committee shall collect, coordinate, and report all dates of events sponsored by any group of the Wofford campus and also all dates of interest to members of the college community of events in the Spartanburg area.

  • This committee shall coordinate the activities of the Presidential Advisory Council. The Presidential Advisory Council meets monthly with the president of the college to discuss campus issues.

  • This committee shall organize presidential dinners in conjunction with food service.

  • This committee shall publicize vacancies of The Campus Union Assembly and dates of elections to fill those vacancies.

Facility Affairs Committee 
The Facility Affairs Committee is the bridge between the student body of Wofford College and staff, faculty, and the Campus Union Assembly. It is designed to inform the students of changes around campus, while addressing their suggestions and complaints with the proper authorities. This committee will work closely with the physical plant, maintenance services, Aramark, and any group working with campus development. For better communications with food services (Aramark) on campus, the Dining Services Advisory sub - committee was established and it is an important part of Facility Affairs.  This committee is instrumental in keeping a working relationship between the students of this great college and the people that serve them.

Description of the Facility Affairs Committee
In the By-Laws of the Campus Union, the Facility Affairs Committee  is described in the following way:

  • This committee shall act as an agency responsible for hearing, and expressing student grievances and suggestions in areas such as food services, physical plant, campus development, and maintenance services.

  • It shall work specifically with the vice-president for business in resolving problems which may arise under its jurisdiction.

Wofford Live Committee 
The Wofford Live Events Committee is a new entity with the charge to allocate money to individuals and groups to put on FUN programming. This programming will be a compliment to other social activities on the campus and will be for all to attend. There will be a conscious effort to fund a variety of events and to appeal to a variety of viewpoints among the student body. 

Wofford Activities Council
The Wofford Activities Council exists to provide the entire Wofford Student Body with a variety of social events. Large events include: Homecoming in the Fall Semester and Winter & Spring Weekends in the Spring Semester. In some years, there are large concerts produced by the council, as in the O.A.R. concert in the Spring of 2003. The council also brings various comedians, hypnotists, magicians, etc. to campus for student entertainment. The council meets weekly on Thursdays at 12 pm in McMillan Theatre. Although they do have a set membership based on an application process at the beginning of the semester, the council welcomes anyone to come to their weekly meetings to voice their opinion and make suggestions! New ideas are always welcome!  

Description of the Wofford Activities Committee
In the By-Laws of the Campus Union, the Social Affairs Committee  is described in the following way:

  • This committee shall provide social programs for the entire college community.

  • This committee shall be responsible for artists, promotion, publicity, ticket sales, security, and meeting all contract requirements of the artists.

  • The committee should coordinate closely with the college and community calendar of events in planning programs.

  • This committee shall work specifically with the student affairs staff in executing its plans for Homecoming and Spring Weekend.

Financial Affairs Committee 
Financial Affairs Committee analyzes and reports the financial position of the Campus Union Assembly. The members are primarily responsible for hearing and making recommendations on all proposals pertinent to the allocation of Campus Union funds to chartered organizations on campus and various projects. Other responsibilities include reviewing budgets and occasionally submitting proposed budgets to the Board of Trustees.

Description of the Financial Affairs Committee

In the By-Laws of the Campus Union, the Financial Affairs Committee is described in the following way:

  • The committee shall compile and submit a proposed Campus Union budget each year for approval by the assembly and then to the college budget committee for its approval.

  • Vouchers for Campus Union funds shall require the signature of the treasurer or the president of the Campus Union and the dean of students.

  • A standing committee must submit an itemized budget for approval from this committee.  It shall then be brought before the Campus Union Assembly for approval.