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Procedures for announcing events and stories about interesting personalities, special interests and expertise, or unique, innovative courses, projects and collaborations.

The Office of Marketing and Communications provides the following guidance for promoting your news and events to the campus community as well as the off-campus community, when appropriate.  Included are easy-to-follow instructions and checklists for submitting your news.  If you need assistance, please contact the News Services staff, or contact Laura Corbin (x4180).

These are abbreviated versions of guidelines found in the Wofford Marketing and Communications Policy and Procedures Manual.

The News Service will take action on these submissions only if they are submitted as indicated in these guidelines.

Wofford Web Calendar:
The Web Calendar is THE OFFICIAL Wofford calendar.  All official campus events should be included.  Events being held on campus by outside organizations also should be included, as they significantly impact the campus community.

Submit events to: Wofford Web Calendar.  Select the appropriate sub-calendar from the list on the left (not *Campus Calendar - all events will appear on this main calendar).  Then click "Go to Calendar."  Then click on "Submit Event" in the upper right-hand corner and fill in the appropriate information.  You must use a Wofford e-mail account.  The submission will be reviewed within 24 hours (during the business week) and, if approved, will be posted to the Calendar.  (If changes must be made after the event is posted, you must e-mail the News Service with the change.)

Daily Announcements:
The procedure for submitting general announcements (not events or event announcements) will remain the same – go to, enter your W#, and fill in the form.  Announcements will appear in either the “My Announcements” or “Wofford Daily Announcements” channel.  Announcements that are of campus-wide importance will appear in the “Wofford Daily Announcements” channel and will be viewable by the entire Wofford community. Any announcement posted to the portal will run for three days from the time of posting. Announcements can be re-submitted if necessary.

Also, please remember that all events MUST be submitted to the e-calendar at – and NOT to the Daily Announcements form.  You will be able to view Today’s Events and Tomorrow’s Events from the portal, or you may continue to click on the e-calendar links from any Web page on Wofford’s main site to view the entire calendar.  (Go to for detailed instructions on submitting events to the e-calendar.).

If you have changes, questions or problems with the Daily Announcements or the e-calendar, please email

Daily Announcement guidelines:
• Announcements must be submitted no later than midnight THE DAY BEFORE it is to be posted/distributed.
• ONLY College-sponsored announcements are permitted (no ads, please).
• All EVENTS MUST be posted to the Wofford Web calendar by following the guidelines above.

Faculty/Staff Achievements: Individuals, officers and departments wishing to provide information on professional accomplishments and activities should complete the Faculty/Staff Achievements form.  Receipt of this information will be acknowledged, and the initiating party may be contacted for further information as necessary. These achievements/activities will be included in the appropriate print or online publication, and may be used for select hometown and other news release opportunities.

These will be posted within two days of receipt on the Web site for Faculty/Staff Achievements, and will be compiled for possible use in the printed version of Wofford Today.

Assistance Requests for Upcoming Events:
To help the Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM) assist you with your event planning and promotion, and to help us be more efficient and effective, we have devised this step-by-step guide, found at Assistance Requests.  Please follow this check list, including providing the requested information.  Check all appropriate items and provide detailed information.

If you would like to block SPAM e-mails that you have received, please forward them to If you have any questions, e-mail the Help Center or call x4357.

Reasonable Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: A student with a disability that may require assistance or accommodation must contact Dean Beth Wallace by telephone (597-4371) or in person (Hugh R. Black Infirmary) during the first week of classes.