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Wofford College Historical Lender List

This list represents all private education loan lenders our students and parents have used in the past three years.  We encourage you to compare lenders and choose what is best for you.  Private loans are not limited to the lenders on this list.

American Eagle Financial Credit Union        860-568-2020

Ascent Independent       877-216-0876

 Citizens One Student Loans (Citizens Bank)       888-411-0266

College Ave Student Loans     844-422-7502

Credit Union Student Choice Loan       

Discover Student Loans       800-788-3368

Langley Federal Credit Union         855-265-3026  

Northwest Federal Credit Union          844-709-8900

PNC Education Loans       800-762-1001

SAFE Credit Union       800-733-7233

Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan       855-756-5626

South Carolina Student Loan Corporation:  Palmetto Assistance Loan (PAL)       800-347-2752  

SunTrust Custom Choice Loan       866-232-3889

Union Federal Private Student Loan       866-513-8445

Wells Fargo Student Loans       877-315-7721