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2016-2017 Statistics

Total dollars distributed through the financial aid office

$55 million

Students receiving some type of support
(scholarships, grants, work-study, loans)


Students receiving need-based aid as part of financial aid package


Average financial aid award, including loans


Note: Figures are projections based on fall 2016 financial aid packages. Changes in enrollment or individual student aid packages could produce slightly altered totals at year’s end.


Wofford College helps many students with their educational expenses through its financial aid program, which is supported by federal and state funds, by gifts from friends, and by the college's own resources. The aid programs, policies, and procedures are described in detail in a Financial Aid Handbook available on our website.

Most assistance at Wofford is awarded on the basis of financial need, but significant amounts are awarded on the basis of scholarship, leadership, athletic ability, or career plans. All new freshmen are considered for Wofford Merit Scholarships using the information in the student's admissions file. 

Applicants for aid based on financial need must submit the financial information necessary to determine the assistance for which they are eligible.  FAFSA instructions are emailed each February to all new applicants for admission and to all currently enrolled students and their parents.

For the semesters and Interim, aid is available in the form of scholarships, grants, employment, and loans. Aid is limited for summer school, although loans and work are sometimes available. Federal Pell Grants may be used during the summer, although students are encouraged to spend that entitlement during the regular semesters. Wofford scholarships normally are not available in the summer.

Aid based on financial need may not be awarded in excess of the amount required for meeting the student's educational expenses.  This means that for a resident student no Wofford scholarship or grant, and no combination of gift assistance that includes a Wofford scholarship or grant may exceed the total of the comprehensive fee and an allowance for books; and for a commuting student no such scholarship, grant, or combination of gift assistance may exceed the total of tuition and fees and an allowance for books. In no case may the book allowance exceed the college's budgeted allowance for books and supplies.

Financial Aid

Helping deserving students obtain the financial assistance needed to complete their education is a long-cherished tradition at Wofford. In 2016-2017, Wofford students qualified for more than $55 million in grants, loans and work-study awards. For several years now, a majority of the student body has participated in federal, state and college programs administered by the Financial Aid Office. Please take the initiative to learn about the financial aid process by reading our Financial Aid Handbook.

Of particular importance to South Carolina residents is the state's scholarship and grant programs.  Funds provided by the state have encouraged state residents to attend one of the excellent colleges or universities in South Carolina.  Details on these programs are available in the Financial Aid Handbook.


The Financial Aid Office will provide full information and assistance regarding the various scholarships, grants, loans and on-campus employment available. Families should begin in the fall of the student's senior year of high school and meet the January 1st application deadline in order to be eligible for maximum assistance. The application deadline is fully explained in the Financial Aid Handbook.

Please follow these steps

  • Instructions for filing for need-based financial aid will be emailed to you in early October.
    (If you have not received this e-mail by mid-October, please contact the Financial Aid Office.)

  • All students accepted for admission are considered for Wofford Merit Scholarships using the information in the student's admission file.  A separate application is not necessary.

  • New freshmen interested in the Wofford Scholars Program can click here.

  • All South Carolina residents should apply for a State Tuition Grant. To do so, enter the Wofford College Federal School Code (003457) and name in the "Parents' Info Section" of the FAFSA.

  • Find out what local scholarships or loans are available from local civic clubs, employers, banks, foundations, churches and other community organizations.

  • Contact the Financial Aid Office at Wofford College for additional information or assistance.