Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Interim apart from the rest of the academic calendar?
During the month of January, faculty and students are permitted to concentrate on a single study project. These projects are designed to move beyond traditional classroom courses and teaching methods and to encourage innovative, experiential learning. Projects are graded on an honors/pass/fail basis which allows students to explore projects in which they have interest but not necessarily a full background, without risking their GPA. Students annually enroll in on-campus projects, internships, service learning, and travel/study projects. Students are also able to propose independent study projects.

Is there any assistance offered for funding travel interims?
There are two cycles to apply for Wofford Travel Grants: in the fall and spring prior to the Interim. An online application is available and any student wishing to travel overseas during January who meets the requirements is encouraged to apply. Grants have ranged from $500-1500 and are an excellent way to curb some of the costs incurred.

Can I travel my freshman year?
Freshmen are permitted to participate in faculty-led travel projects and those sponsored by Wofford's study abroad partners. They may also propose their own independent projects to be completed on campus or within the Spartanburg area.

I am interested in applying for a travel/study project. Is the deposit refundable if I am not selected to participate?
Yes. The deposit is only non-refundable for those who are admitted. Those not admitted may elect to apply for a second choice project or request that their deposit be returned or destroyed.