Student Abroad

Frequently Asked Questions

Tommy Weber

Who is eligible to apply?
Students must meet the eligibility requirements for each program. While a complete application includes a transcript, letters of recommendation from at least two professors and a well-written, thoughtful academic statement of purpose, the GPA requirement for each program is an important component in the consideration of the candidate for study abroad. Each program has a variety of eligibility requirements which could include a certain class standing, status as a student in good academic and social standing with the College, as well as specific course pre-requisites and language proficiency. The Office of International Programs will work closely with each student to help select an appropriate program for the student's needs, however, it is the student's responsibility to make certain that the eligibility requirements are met before applying.

How does academic credit transfer? 
The curriculum offered to Wofford students while in foreign residence is as varied as the curriculum to which they have access at Wofford. Students may follow courses of study in art, architecture, economics, history, and science. At the same time, they may further their major in a chosen foreign language. Credit received for courses taken abroad transfers directly and completely to Wofford. With the appropriate permission, credit may be applied to major discipline requirements as well as to general education requirements. Grades earned overseas are computed into the grade point average.

Does my financial aid travel? 
Paige Hallen at the United Nations in Geneva, SwitzerlandFees for the programs vary depending on the choice of country and program type, but on average are comparable to Wofford's cost of attendance. Institutional aid may be applied to foreign study fees for the student’s first semester abroad. Other financial aid may apply to all semesters abroad. Recipients of other financial aid are encouraged to meet with the Financial Aid Office to determine eligibility for aid. Specific information on programs, costs and additional scholarships can be found under each program site. For information on travel grants available through Wofford, click here

Which countries are available?
Wofford College is affiliated with several study abroad organizations which each offer a variety of year-long, semester, and summer programs. To browse our programs, click here. 

What are my housing options?
Housing options vary by program but can include residence halls, home stays, apartments, and residential learning communities to name a few. Wofford College requires that students stay in program-approved accommodations and will not permit students to live in housing which has not been fully vetted by our partners overseas.