Student in a market abroad

The Abroad Experience

Adam Wood

Whether you are abroad for a few weeks or an entire year, the Office of International Programs is here to support you in making the most out of your international experience. While much information is covered in Wofford's pre-departure orientations for study abroad students, it is often helpful to review those resources again once in-country. The following information is intended to assist current students in navigating their transition to living and learning abroad. 

If you have further questions or concerns regarding your experience overseas or any of the topics listed below, feel free to contact an International Programs adviser! In addition, consulting the in-country faculty and staff associated with your study abroad program can be great "go-tos" for locating country/city specific support and resources. 

Health & Safety 

Students' health, safety, and wellness are essential to having a positive, impactful study abroad experience. To review important health and safety information, click here

Academics Overseas

The styles of teaching and learning in different countries can differ from what many U.S. students have previously experienced. To review information regarding academics overseas, click here

From Culture Shock to Culture Shift

Encountering new cultural differences and critically analyzing your own cultural identity and framework is a major aspect of studying abroad. To review advice on managing cultural adjustment, click here.

Identity Resources

There are numerous resources available for study abroad students from underrepresented and/or diverse identities, communities, etc. To learn more about diversity and identity-based support for students abroad, click here

Keeping a Journal

Documenting experiences abroad via a journal, blog, or similar platform can assist students in understanding how they are growing and changing as a result of being abroad. To learn more about keeping a journal and ways to reflect on your experience abroad, click here.