Students abroad in a museum

Welcome Home

Justin Bouknight, Spain

Welcome back to Wofford, study abroad alumni!  The Office of International Programs (OIP) looks forward to having you back on campus not only as program alumni, but also as proponents of international education. Your feedback is invaluable to our advising, so please complete your study abroad program evaluation on your Wofford study abroad application

Upon returning to the United States and to Wofford, students are often eager to share their experiences from overseas with friends, family, and members of the Wofford community. Each student will navigate their re-adjustment to familiar cultures and environments differently; some will return to life at Wofford with ease, while others may struggle to process the new cultural dissonance they feel - also known as reverse culture shock. Reverse culture shock is normal, but students that find the re-entry process too overwhelming should consider contacting Counseling Services for additional assistance.  

In order to best support returned study abroad students, the OIP offers numerous events and resources which assist students in furthering their international engagement on campus, translating their abroad experiences for different audiences (such as graduate programs and potential employers), and going abroad again. 

For further information about any of the programs or opportunities below, feel free to contact an International Programs adviser! Be sure to check the College Calendar and Wofford's Daily Announcements emails for any important dates/times and deadlines. 

Photo Contests

The OIP has two photo contests each year: one for returned study abroad students (academic year, semester, and summer programs) and one for recent Interim Travel/Study Project participants. To learn more about photo contests, click here

Two to Tell

One of Wofford's signature re-entry programs for study abroad alumni, Two to Tell, is a fast-paced competition which occurs during spring semester. To learn more about Two to Tell, click here

Become a Global Ambassador 

Global Ambassadors are a select group of internationally-inclined students which assist the OIP with programming and outreach initiatives for potential study abroad students. To learn more about Global Ambassadors, click here.

Lessons From Abroad Conference

At this conference, attendees will learn about opportunities to go overseas again, how to better articulate the skills they gained abroad, and network with other students and professionals from across South Carolina. To learn more about LFA South Carolina, click here

Go abroad again 

Can't wait to go overseas again? There are countless opportunities to intern, study, teach, or volunteer abroad while still at Wofford or after graduation. To get started, check out the following resources: