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International Student Services

The Office of International Programs welcomes international students to Wofford College and our international community. International Programs offers international students a special International Student Orientation before the FYI New Student Orientation to help them get settled into life in the U.S. Along with giving them more time to adjust to jet-lag, dietary changes, and the humidity of August in the south, International Orientation also covers topics specific to international students’ needs. These include differences in U.S. academic expectations, American cultural norms, available health services and insurance, academic resources for international students, and getting to know other Wofford international students. International Orientation also offers international students practical assistance with things like airport pick-up, exploring the local area, getting a bank account, purchasing a mobile phone, shopping for dorm room items, and any other questions that come up along the way as students begin your journey at Wofford College. 

The Office of International Programs also offers further international student services during the semester, including a local host program, getting a driver’s license or state identification card, work authorization, English tutors, etc. Various social events and local field trips are planned during the semester to make sure students have the opportunity to celebrate their culture and learn what South Carolina has to offer. International Programs looks forward to welcoming students to Wofford College and are happy to answer any questions both before and after their arrival on campus.


Sara Milani
Office of International Programs

International Student English & Culture Orientation

Wofford offers an English Language & Culture Orientation for those who want more time to refine their English language skills and to adjust to U.S. academic and social cultural differences. This orientation feeds directly into the regular International Student Orientation, which all new international students attend.

International Student Orientation

All new international students at Wofford participate in this 3 day orientation specific to international student needs and additional preparations for beginning their studies at Wofford. We cover everything from getting room items, mobile phones, and bank accounts to cultural and  academic differences. 

Host Family Program

We pair up students with local host families, who add another layer of support for our international students. They help introduce students to the local community and often host them over holiday breaks, when the school is close. International Programs hosts gatherings for students and their hosts each semester as well as families invite students to family activities and meals at least once a month, if not more. 

General Assistance

The Office of International Programs offers a variety of general services to assist international students:

  • Periodic shopping trips, day trip outings, and cooking nights
  • Assistance with government applications for a driver's license, social security number, and filing taxes
  • Advising on work authorization
  • Advising on local and regional hosted travel opportunities
  • Summer storage for dorm room items
  • Personalized support as needed

Campus Clubs & Links of Interest 

  • Association of Multicultural Students (AMS) - AMS provides a cultural and social outlet for Wofford students. They host cultural programs that promote appreciation of diverse cultures. For more information, see
  • Muslim Students Association - MSA provides opportunities for students to discuss the realities of being a Muslim in the U.S. and to share with others what Islam is really about. For more information, see
  • Terrier Dynasty Student Club - This student organization celebrates Chinese cultural events and assists the Chinese Language Dept. to host the Wofford Moon Festival (Fall) and Chinese New Year Celebration (Spring). Interested students can contact Dr. Zhang at or attend a weekly Chinese Language Table (see below).
  • Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department student activities - Wofford offers courses in Arabic, Chinese, French, German and Spanish. Students from each language are involved in various campus activities to share cultural information to the broader campus community. For information on these and other departmental activities, including bi-weekly Language Tables and the World Film Series, please see “Department Activities” at