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The Wofford Club Golf Team

The Wofford Club Golf Team is open to any male or female student regardless of skill level. The club allows for those who may have played competitive golf in high school to continue to play at a high level. Our club competes in the National Collegiate Club Golf Association (NCCGA) southeast region. Our travel team will play 2 regional tournaments each semester with the hopes of qualifying for the National Championship.

Our club team is also built for students who either are beginners or who may not want to play competitively to grow their skills while at Wofford. Our club will host inter-club 2-member team events while instituting a handicap system. The goal of Wofford Club Golf is to grow the game and to allow others to continue competition. If there are any questions please contact Club President Devin McGillan at mcgillandk@email.wofford.edu.