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Request Transcripts

How do I request an official transcript? 
Students and alumni can request official transcripts by clicking on the ‘Request an Official Transcript’ link.

How do I access my unofficial transcript?
Current students can access their unofficial transcript through myWofford. Alumni must request an official transcript.

Is my transcript available in a digital format?
Yes. In addition to traditional paper transcripts, Wofford can also provide official transcripts in the form of a secure pdf. The secure pdf can be sent to either you or your designated recipient. You (or the recipient) will be notified by email that the transcript is available. At that time you have seven days to download the transcript before it is disabled. If you do not access the transcript in the allotted time, you will need to submit another request.

What does Wofford charge for a copy of my transcript?
There is a $5.00 fee per transcript.

Can I have my transcript faxed or sent by overnight mail?
Yes. The fee for faxing, or mailing a transcript overnight through FedEx, is $25.00. Transcripts sent through FedEx International are charged $125.00.

Can my parent stop by and pick up a copy of my transcript?
In order for a transcript to be released to anyone other than the student, the student themselves must grant that permission at the time the request is submitted though the online request service. The student needs to identify the name of the person that will be picking up the transcript in the comments field. The person picking up the transcript must provide photo ID as verification. Federal law prohibits institutions of higher education from releasing grades or other personally identifiable information to anyone other than the student without the student’s explicit permission. Situations necessitating this course of action are extremely rare.

May I request a copy of my high school transcript from the Registrar's Office?
No. You must request a transcript from the institution where the course work was completed. This also applies to transfer work. Wofford can only release transcripts for coursework completed at Wofford.

May I get an official transcript if I have a hold on my record?
No. Transcripts will not be issued to students who have academic, financial, or judicial holds. The hold must be cleared through the appropriate office before the transcript will be released.