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Prospective and New Students

Welcome to Wofford! Wofford has 8 residence halls scattered about its historic and picturesque 150+ acre campus. 93% of Wofford students live in the on campus residence halls all 4 years of their college experience. Each residence hall houses students in a co-educational setting that helps to build the close knit community that Wofford is known for.

Have questions about our residence halls, what to bring, and what to expect? Check out the information below!

Residence Halls

First-Year Housing

Marsh Hall 
Greene Hall
Carlisle Hall

Sophomore Housing

Shipp Hall 
Dupre Hall

Junior Housing

Lesesne Hall 
Wightman Hall

Senior Housing

The Village

What to Expect


Picking a Roommate

What to Bring

Residence Life Policy

Housing Contract 

Alcohol Policy

Student Handbook 


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