Two students talking with Dean Wallace

Wofford Scholars Day FAQ

What does it mean to be a Wofford Scholar?
Being a Wofford Scholar means you have been nominated by your guidance counselor because of your academic record and leadership potential. You will participate in Wofford Scholars Day, where you have a group interview and sit in on Wofford presentations.

How do I get nominated?

If you meet the nomination criteria of being in the top 10% of your high school class and score at least a 28 ACT or a 1300 on the SAT (CR+M only), then contact your guidance counselor about getting nominated.  Nominations should be completed here.

When is Scholars Day?
Scholars Day is November 17th, 2018. 

What should I expect in my interview on Wofford Scholars Day?
The interviews are conducted in a group setting. Typically, there are 4-5 scholars in a group being interviewed by a Wofford professor and other members of the Wofford community. The questions vary from group to group. This is a chance for you to talk about your activities and plans for the future. In addition, you may ask questions of the interviewers about what Wofford has to offer YOU.

During the time I am not in my interview, what will I be doing?
There will be special interest presentations available to attend. This is a chance to learn more about academics, social life, travel opportunities and unique programs at Wofford. You will get to hear from students and professors and ask them questions on various topics or take a student-led tour of the Wofford campus.

What should I wear to Wofford Scholars Day?
The most important thing is to be comfortable. Some students will wear dressy clothes, but don’t feel that you have to wear a suit. Remember that you want to present yourself in the best light possible. Khakis and a polo/button-down shirt is typical dress for men. Dress pants or a skirt is typical dress for women.

Should my parents attend Wofford Scholars Day?
Parents are more than welcome to attend. While you are in your interview, there will be information sessions available for parents to attend.

What is the weather like in Spartanburg?
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