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Edward K. Hardin Pre-Law Society

The mission of the Edward K. Hardin Pre-Law Society is to assist students in learning more about the field of Law and the wide range of professional opportunities that a thorough knowledge of Law provides. The Pre-Law Society is a prestigious group that includes those students who are interested in going to Law School, and those students who are interested in studying the Law in other capacities.

The Pre-Law Society hosts events in which Wofford students can meet various admissions representatives, lawyers, and political figures in order to establish a networking base that is invaluable in the future. The Society also offers free LSAT practice tests to all members every Thursday.

All who are interested are welcome to join to Pre-Law Society and take advantages of the unique opportunities that the society brings to Wofford.

Please contact the Pre-Law Advisor, Dr. John Fort (fortjk@wofford.edu), or the Assistant Pre-Law Advisor, Dr. David Alvis (alvisjd@wofford.edu), for more information.