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Wofford on Call (WoC), the college's telephone fundraising program, employs passionate, enthusiastic students that love Wofford and love talking to others who love Wofford. The elite student workers who make up WoC's calling program gain valuable skills in fundraising, communication, marketing and team-building that help boost confidence and look great on a résumé. 

We work hard, but we also have a lot of fun, too. Spotify and Pandora jam sessions are normal, and chances are there will be something tasty to snack on during a calling session. WoC students are encouraged by their supervisors and fellow callers, and are rewarded with bonuses and prizes when they meet and surpass fundraising goals. 

The Wofford On Call program plays an important role in keeping Wofford connected to the college's alumni, parents and friends. Wofford on Call student callers not only help members of the Wofford family keep in touch with the college, but they also help raise dollars for The Wofford Fund. Funds raised through the Wofford On Call program support the entire Wofford experience, inside and outside of the classroom, and help provide a nationally ranked, transformational liberal arts experience for each of our students.

Benefits of working for Wofford on Call:

  • Flexible scheduling- work 4-10 hours per week
  • Competitive pay starting at $125 minimum per month, plus up to $100 in potential bonuses
  • Build your resume and gain professional experience
  • Earn opportunities for promotions and raises


CLICK HERE to apply for Wofford on Call!

The application will close at 11:59 p.m. on September 16, 2018.


If you have any questions about Wofford On Call, please contact Dina Roberts at 864-597-4198.