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Resume Preparation

We offer resume advice, review and proofing by appointment, and we're glad to help! Before you schedule an appointment, you must create a resume. Follow the steps below to get started.

Resumes come in multiple formats and are used for more than applying for jobs: They serve as an explanation of your academic, experiential, social and community involvement. A resume is your opportunity to highlight the things you've done over the past few years. Use it to apply for internships or jobs, provide more information about yourself to a reference or recommender, or to finalize your graduate school application.

There are many reasons to create a resume, and you may decide to produce several different versions (in fact, we recommend it). We list various approaches below. Review each one before you decide which one fits you best.

1. Download our resume tips (.pdf) for instructions on how to create your resume.

2. Download the resume checklist (.pdf) to ensure your resume is clear and effective.

3. Don't forget a great cover letter! Here are some samples to review (.pdf).
                   (P.S. - READ THIS before you write your cover letter!)

4. After you create your resume, talk with a Career Coach for proofreading and feedback.

5. Submit your resume to Terrier Black Book, our jobs/internships board, and begin your search.

Resume Samples

Review these samples for formatting and style ideas, then create your own!

NOTE: While it can be tempting to use a Word Template to create your resume, they are impossible for us to format or edit. We will not review or proof a resume that has been created in a template (we know, it's a bummer, but it just doesn't work). Please start with a fresh Microsoft Word document and add your own sections and formatting.

We probably don't need to mention this, but just in case: don't copy these word-for-word. Your resume should be as unique as your skills and experiences. 

icon-keyimage  Curriculum Vitae (CV) Sample
 icon-keyimage  Basic Resume
Download Basic Resume in Word Format  
Download Resume with Athletic Section in Word Format
Download complete Resume Pack (pdf)
icon-keyimage  Web Resume: Stand out with a web page. is an easy-to-use website builder.