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Medical Care & Services

The Wellness Center Fee 

Wofford's Wellness Center, located in the Hugh R. Black Building, is staffed Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. by licensed healthcare providers.

Payment of the comprehensive fee entitles resident students to medical care by the college nurses, nurse practitioner or physicians in ordinary cases of illness. The fee does not provide and Wofford College does not assume the cost of x-rays, medications, special nursing care, consulting physicians, surgical operations, laboratory tests, treatment of chronic conditions, convalescence from operations, or hospital care.

Services Available 

When a student visits The Wellness Center, he/she will be seen by a nurse practitioner and/or a registered nurse. The nurse practitioner is available most days of the week during certain hours (please check the website for specific hours). The nurse practitioner is able to diagnose, treat and prescribe medications as needed.  Other services that are available to students at no charge are: over-the-counter medications, equipment checkout, assistance with referrals and preventative health care information.

Should a student need a doctor’s appointment after being assessed in The Wellness Center, a nurse will assist the student by making the appointment with the college physicians, located 15 minutes away from campus. The office visit fee is covered by the comprehensive fee for resident students in ordinary cases of illnesses.

Appointments are not necessary but are greatly appreciated. When appointments are made it reduces wait time significantly. Please call (864) 597-4370.

Laboratory Services 

We perform a limited number of lab tests in our facility at a small cost to the student including urinalysis, blood sugar, mono test, strep test and flu test. With physician orders, we are capable of obtaining blood and urine specimens for more extensive testing at a nominal fee. These specimens are sent by courier to a private lab for testing. Results are then sent to the student and if needed insurance can be filed by the student.


The Wellness Center can provide the following immunizations for a fee: Hepatitis B Series, Influenza Vaccine, Gardasil Series, TDap (tetanus), PPD Screen (TB) and Menactra (meningitis).

Allergy Injections 
Students who are taking allergy injections need to contact a local allergist to set up an appointment with that office.
If you need assistance finding a local allergist please call The Wellness Center at (864) 597-4370.

Confidentiality of Medical Records 
Health care records are maintained in files separate from the student's academic files and cannot be accessed by faculty, staff, administration, parents or other students.

Protected Health Information housed in The Wellness Center is completely confidential. Students must sign a written authorization to release Protected Health Information to anyone, including faculty and family members. Protected Health Information may need to be released for emergency medical treatment or medical services, or as required by law.
E-Mail Policy 
The Wellness Center welcomes your interest and contact. We also value your privacy. Please consider the following information prior to sending e-mail:

E-mail is not an appropriate method for questions regarding individual, private, or personal health. It is appropriate for getting general information regarding services, resources or other campus information. We cannot guarantee that the contents of an e-mail message will remain confidential. 

Staff access to e-mail is also limited to The Wellness Center work hours. Your message may not be read immediately. E-mail should not be used for urgent communication. When time is of particular concern, please call The Wellness Center at 597-4370 or 597-4371.