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winter 2018

Message from the president

Celebrating the innovative spirit of Interim

SamhatFifty years ago Wofford President Charles Marsh as well as Wofford faculty and trustees realized that changing political and social structures were encroaching upon the Wofford community in ways they could no longer control.

This time of uncertainty, however, opened the door for experimentation, and Interim was born. This issue of Wofford Today celebrates the innovative spirit of Interim and the faculty, staff and students who continue to explore, engage and expand the walls of the traditional classroom through civic engagement, study abroad, undergraduate research and entrepreneurial thinking.

One of the things I appreciate most about Wofford is the faculty’s enthusiasm, willingness to adapt and commitment to students. They teach, but they also mentor, advise, listen, question and challenge students to stretch themselves. Wofford faculty are just as interested in the growth and development of their students as they are in keeping up with the research and trends in their respective academic disciplines. This combination is essential when preparing students for the roles they will take upon graduation — roles that provide both private fulfillment and contribution to the public good.

This is our purpose. This is our mission, and I thank each of you for doing your part to ensure that Wofford College students have every opportunity to find excellence, engagement and transformation.

Go, Terriers!