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winter 2018
Chee Lee

Chee Lee becomes new HR director

Trades cold for hot; Badgers for Terriers

For more than 20 years Chee Lee has enjoyed her fair share of Packers, Badgers, Bucks and Brewers games — “especially the tailgating that goes with them” — but not necessarily the cold temperatures of the Midwest.

Now that she and her family have moved to South Carolina, Wofford College’s new director of human resources is looking forward to “enjoying a cool ice cream cone on a hot summer’s day, hiking and biking through the mountains and valleys of the Shenandoah, and visiting nearby surrounding attractions, such as Bourbon Street in New Orleans and Graceland in Nashville.”

Lee joined the college’s staff this fall, after the retirement of long-time Director of Human Resources Carole Lister.

“In Wisconsin, 50 degrees is easily still ‘shorts season’ as schools are only canceled when the snow has piled to minimally three to four feet, or the temperature has plummeted to 20 to 30 degrees below zero,” Lee says. “With the amount of snowfall combined with freezing temperatures, one would think that I was acclimated to the cold. On the contrary, in all my years there, I always kept a space heater nearby because the air conditioning for the summertime was too cold for me and the freezing cold in the winter was — to put it simply — just too cold.”

Lee grew up in Alexandria, Va., and she loves “the charm, history and heat that comes with the East Coast.”

In addition to enjoying the South’s heat — maybe she should withhold that judgment until she experiences a hot, humid Spartanburg summer — Lee also loves “looking at and exploring anything ‘old,’ such as historic homes, antiques, the redwood trees of California or even a bridge that has been standing ‘forever.’ I enjoy traveling to experience different foods, customs and cultures, yet at the same time, I cherish moments where I can sit down on my own comfortable front porch chair to enjoy a really good book that I just can’t put down.”

Lee has been in the human resources field, specifically in higher education, since 2005. Previously she was at the University of Wisconsin. “I am excited to join Wofford,” she says. “To me, HR should be transparent and accessible, thus a valued resource that all employees can benefit from.”

Oh, and she’s also traded in those other sports teams — at least those Wisconsin Badgers — for the Wofford Terriers.

Lee can be reached in her Snyder House office at 864-597-4230 or by email at


By Laura Hendrix Corbin