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Frequently Asked Questions

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Thinking about joining a greek organization? Many Potential New Members and their parents have questions about Greek Life and never get the opportunity to ask. Here are some common questions and their answers as pertaining to the ZTA at Wofford College.

How Much of a Time Commitment is there?
Zeta Tau Alpha has one chapter meeting a week which generally lasts an hour on Wednesdays from 6-7pm in the Anna Todd Wofford Building.  This is the time in which the chapter can talk as a unit about upcoming events of both fundraising and social aspects.  If a PNM pledges ZTA and chooses to become an officer on PC in the second semester, then there is an additional 1 hour meeting Sunday nights.  Aside from that, once a month a sister has to complete a service project in the Spartanburg area, which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 full hour.  During Recruitment, however, there are required recruitment practices that range 4-5 hours per week, but this begins in the PNMs sophomore year. We take our committment to ZTA seriously, and only absences that have been pre-approved by our Recording Secretary or General Advisor will be excused.

Will joining a Greek organization affect grades?
ZTA firmly believes that school always comes first. In fact, it is proven that Greek women have a higher GPA than many non-Greeks. Zeta holds their members to high standards and rewards sisters for academic achievement. Additionally, ZTA at Wofford provides resources to help sisters do well by implementing study halls, tutoring sessions, etc. During chapter, awards such as "Geek of the Week" and "Yippee, No Skippy!" that have done well academically or have had 100% class attendance and participation.

How do finances and dues work?
A sorority is a financial commitment, but there are many ways to work out paying for dues, and the Treasurer takes each sister into an individual account when setting up a payment plan. ZTA operates through an online banking system called "BillHighway" to pay dues, buy t-shirts, and pay any additional expenses. The ZTA Foundation offers two academic scholarships annually to each chapter, and they are available to Wofford ZTA undergraduates and those planning on applying to graduate school when needed and earned. These dues are necessary in order to have social events throughout the year as well as to keep the chapter thriving and growing.

HELP! I don't want to sign up for too much at once!
This is probably the most common reaction when freshman begin thinking about pledging a Greek organization.  Greek life as a whole provides ample opportunity to meet many new women, who are all unique and amazing.  Going through recruitment isn't binding a PNM to accept a bid, it is just an experience to get to know upperclassman, fellow freshman, and to truly understand why each of the greek organizations is special.  It is a time in which the sororities have the ability to express what being a part of their organization means to them, which can be a decision-altering opportunity.  If you're afraid you'll sign up for too much, agree to go through recruitment with an open mind just to see if you enjoy it.  At Zeta Tau Alpha, we believe in our commitment to involvement in the Fraternity and all that is required for membership, but 100% of our sisters are also involved in outside clubs and/or sporting teams.

Are there any events where my parents can come?
ZTA has a Parent's Cocktail and/or Parent's Brunch annually.  This is an opportunity for your parents to come and meet your sisters and learn about the sisterhood that we all share.  This is also an opportunity for the parents to meet our chapter's advisors and ask any other questions they may have.

I'm packing for school, should I bring anything specific for recruitment?
Philanthropy Party attire is usually capris or a skirt with a casual top.  PNMs wear a sundress or casual dress to Theme Night, and finally semi-formal attire is typically worn on Preference Night.  Most of the Greek women's organizations have the need for a solid white dress at some point throughout the school year as well.  The most important thing is to remember that your personality is what is most important-not your clothes.  Just be yourself, and wear what makes you comfortable, and what you would say encompasses you.

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