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Wofford News Service Guidelines

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Instructions and details for using these forms are below.

The Office of Marketing and Communications provides the following guidance for promoting your news and events to the campus community as well as the off-campus community, when appropriate.  Included are easy-to-follow instructions and checklists for submitting your news.  If you need assistance, please contact the News Services staff at woffordnews@wofford.edu, or contact Laura Corbin (laura.corbin@wofford.edu or x4180).

The web calendar is THE OFFICIAL Wofford calendar.  All official campus events should be included.  Events being held on campus by outside organizations also should be included, as they significantly impact the campus community.

How to Submit Events to Wofford Online Calendar

1. Go to: http://calendar.wofford.edu  

2. Select the appropriate calendar for your event from these options:

• Academic
• Admission
• Alumni and Development
• Arts and Cultural (Off Campus)
• Arts and Cultural (On Campus)
• Athletics
• Campus Ministry/Service Learning
• Financial Aid
• Student Life (this includes all student group activities, events and programs)
• Other (anything that does not fit into the above categories)

(Do NOT select “Campus Calendar.” Your event will show up on this calendar by default; you must select a sub-calendar listed above. Also, do NOT select the general “Arts and Cultural” sub-calendar; select “on-campus,” and the event will show up on the general Arts and Cultural sub-calendar.)

3. Click “Go to Calendar”

4. Click “Submit Event” (upper right-hand side)

5. Enter “Title” name for your event (include the location in the title; also include if open to only a certain group or by invitation only)
(Note: You do not need to enter the “Title URL” in the second line)

6. Enter “Date”

7. Enter “Start Time” and “End Time” (events, such as exhibits, that have no specific start/end time may remain blank)

8. Enter any repeating options (if your event is going on for more than one day)

(Your selected sub-calendar should show up in the box under “Calendars: Submit to.” If you inadvertently selected the wrong sub-calendar, you may change that option here by clicking “Submit” under the box and changing the sub-calendar selection.)
• Keep the defaults selected for “Event Privacy” (Public), “Event Access” (All), and “Description” (Wrapped).
• Type a brief, but detailed, description of your event – for example, a brief bio of your speaker or brief information on performers, etc. – in the description box.
• Keep the default of “Medium” priority.

9. Enter the location of the event

10. Enter your name (first and last) (required)

11. Enter your email (valid Wofford.edu email required)

12. Click “Add”


Daily Announcements:

Submit items for Daily Announcements (including events, announcements and lost/found items) to:
Daily Announcements

Daily Announcement guidelines:

The Office of Marketing and Communications has resumed sending out Daily Announcements via email each morning during the week, effective 2/22/10. Daily Announcements are not distributed on Saturday or Sunday. Announcements will no longer be posted in the MyWofford portal.

Daily Announcements are sent via email to the campus community each morning around 9 a.m. (Delivery time depends on the number of announcements received and the editing involved.)

1. Wofford Announcements must have a Wofford contact and a Wofford email address.  Announcements that have an email address other than a Wofford email will not be accepted. No commercial announcements are allowed.

2. Announcements will NOT run more than twice. If an announcement is submitted multiple times it will only be run for the first 2 dates it is submitted.

3. An announcement must be submitted prior to MIDNIGHT the day before it is scheduled to run. This is an automated system and announcements submitted after midnight will not show up in the system.

4. Event or Announcement – Which is it?? – An event is any function that has a DATE, TIME, and PLACE. If you submit an event as an announcement it will not appear in the ‘event’ section of the announcements.

5. Please try to keep your event announcements and general announcements as brief as you can. We reserve the right to edit for space and other issues.

6. If you submit an announcement and need to make a change you need to email the change to WoffordNews@wofford.edu.

7. Please proof your announcement before submitting it and check for spelling errors, making sure that the room and building are named correctly, etc. Editing will be limited.

8. We have had many instances where announcements for an event are submitted by more than one person. When planning an event please designate one person to be responsible for submitting the announcement so that we don’t have double announcements with different information.

9. Events must be submitted to the calendar as well. If you do not submit your event to the calendar it will not appear on the home page of the MyWofford portal or on the home page of the Wofford web site. (Please note that there is limited space on the Wofford web site and sometimes it is not possible to list every event on the Wofford home page. However, all events posted to the calendar will appear in the calendar section of the portal.) When planning events please check the calendar for events that are already scheduled in an effort to avoid conflicts. REMEMBER – booking a venue does not mean that your event is on the calendar. You must still add your event. Calendar submissions must be approved by the Office of Marketing and Communications before they appear on the calendar. Event postings should be made no later than 4 p.m. the day before the event to ensure that they appear on the calendar. Note that you must reserve your room/venue with the appropriate staff person; putting your event on the calendar DOES NOT reserve the space.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. We receive numerous requests for "special announcements" to be sent out separately from Daily Announcements. In an effort not to clog the system, we will not send out special announcements unless it is an emergency. (Forgetting to submit an announcement does not qualify as an emergency.) If you have an event, a meeting, or an announcement please remember to submit it prior to midnight the day before you want it to run.

Questions about announcements or calendar postings should be directed to WoffordNews@wofford.edu. Questions to individual staff e-mail accounts may result in delays. If your email is sent to WoffordNews it will be handled promptly.