Campus Safety Officer

Vehicle Registration

All vehicles used by students and employees must display a Wofford College vehicle registration sticker/decal. These serve as parking permits. Employees' stickers are valid for a specific vehicle for the term of their employment. If an employee changes vehicles, they must re-register. Students' decals are valid for one year.

To receive a decal or sticker, all students (residents and commuters) and employees must complete a vehicle registration form which is located in myWofford on the myWofford Tab. The electronic form will go to Campus Safety. Students are encouraged to fill out the form before they return to campus.

Students must register their vehicle within 48 hours of arriving on campus. The campus parking regulations and available parking locations are located on the Campus Safety website.  These regulations are in effect throughout the year.  It is every student and employee's responsibility to read and be familiar with these regulations.  Failure to register a vehicle or to comply with the regulations will result in ticketing or towing at the owner's expense.  Wofford students and employees are responsible for informing their guests of these regulations.  The college reserves the right to search vehicles on campus for the purpose of safety, maintenance, legal or emergency situations.

Questions about vehicle registration can be addressed to the officers on duty at 864-597-4350.

View Campus Parking Rules.